Janvi Chakraborty


Janvi Chakraborty is an Associate in the General Corporate and IPR Practice in the Bangalore office.  

As an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) specialist, she is dedicated to safeguarding your intellectual assets. She is also a skilled contract drafter, ensuring that your business agreements are not only legally sound but tailored to your specific needs.  

Holding a LLB (Hons.) degree from Sarsuna Law College, Kolkata with an undergrad in B.Sc. Media Science from Heritage, Kolkata, she has a deep-seated understanding of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) law and a mastery of contract drafting. Her education laid the groundwork for a career dedicated to safeguarding intellectual assets and crafting precision contracts that meet your unique requirements. With a commitment to continued learning and staying ahead of legal developments, Janvi ensures you receive the highest level of IPR and contract law knowledge and skill. 

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