India, with its rich tapestry of culture and heritage, is lauded as an illustrious jewel in the crown of global travel destinations. This expansive realm encompasses domains such as accommodations, dining, event coordination, theme parks, and cruise lines. Fundamentally, the hospitality sector thrives on the dual fulcrums of leisure availability and spending capacity, evolving into a colossal industry amassing billions.

India’s hospitality terrain is on a brisk upward trajectory, buoyed by robust investments, synergistic collaborations, and strategic alliances. Contemporary travel trends like adventure tourism, eco-friendly retreats, and medical tourism have invigorated the sector’s growth. 

Our seasoned hospitality brigade serves a medley of domestic and international clientele. Our suite of services is comprehensive, merging facets like real estate insights, financing acumen, tax strategies, corporate counsel, intellectual property guidance, and adeptness in dispute resolution. Our prowess extends across a gamut of industry-specific tasks, such as hotel due diligence during acquisitions or sales, documentation processes for budding hotels, financial strategies including debt restructuring, contractual undertakings, forging of partnerships, residential property marketing, development of multi-purpose projects, addressing intellectual property nuances, navigating corporate mergers and acquisitions in the hospitality domain, and expertly handling disputes and litigations.

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