Technology, Media & Entertainment

The Government of India’s decision to ease entry barriers for foreign investments, especially in broadcasting areas like DTH and cable networks, has spurred growth in the industry. Specific arenas, notably broadcasting, cinema, sports, and the gaming world, have been at the epicenter of transformative leaps.

Recent advancements such as cutting-edge production technology, global content sharing, diversified revenue channels, and increased transparency have collectively reshaped the Media & Entertainment (M&E) sector in India over the past decade. Growth catalysts include affordable and speedy internet access, the boom in digital media, online gaming, a surge in film production, and a rising appetite for local content. Moreover, as the entertainment cosmos evolves, fresh content delivery conduits like social media and OTT are rapidly ascending, challenging the dominion of stalwarts like TV and radio.

As these shifts occur, the very architecture of the media and entertainment domain is undergoing radical transformation.

Bisani Legal has carved a distinct niche in delivering tailored advice on content structuring, orchestrating media product launches, navigating the intricate web of regulations, crafting content moderation and compliance strategies, defending client interests in litigations, safeguarding IP assets, fine-tuning media contracts, and performing meticulous due diligence in the media sector. 

Our TMT practice is highly specialized, consistently aligning with clients on evolving legal and policy landscapes. We also collaborate with industry stakeholders and government bodies to shape policies, always aiming to simplify our clients’ business operations. Our expertise spans multiple interwoven sectors such as TMT, privacy, fintech, health care, and intellectual property. Additionally, we delve into areas like competition, antitrust, e-commerce, dispute resolution, taxation, employment, and more. We’re actively engaged in regulatory matters, providing insights and suggestions to key regulatory groups. This hands-on experience allows us to help our clients navigate upcoming regulatory changes, ensuring they’re well-prepared for the future. As our clients move towards a more tech-focused model, we support them in their digital transformation journey.

When it comes to data privacy, our guidance is proactive. We’ve always emphasized the importance of privacy principles, even before legal regulations made them mandatory. This approach has helped our clients build and maintain trust with their customers and partners.

Such a multifaceted prowess uniquely positions us, allowing us to offer a panoramic yet sharply-focused counsel to our clientele.

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