In recent years, sports have transformed into a global industry worth billions. As it expanded its reach, inevitable challenges and controversies surfaced, leading to the rise of a distinct sector known as sports law. Rather than being a wholly separate domain, sports law is an amalgamation of several legal areas, from labor and contract to antitrust and torts, and encompasses concerns about defamation and privacy as well.  It’s noteworthy that the sports sector intertwines with other industries as well, like entertainment, technology, retail, and even pharmaceuticals.

At Bisani Legal, we pride ourselves on a team of adept attorneys who excel in every facet of sports law, ranging from athlete representation to navigating the complexities of anti-doping matters and resolving sports disputes. Bisani Legal, with its broad experience, stands tall in these intersections. As the world’s focus on sports intensifies, the rules that govern them are in perpetual motion. We specialize in a spectrum of sports law services, from formulating sports contracts to offering guidance on sponsorship deals and ensuring effective athlete and team governance. Additionally, our premier sports legal experts in India stand ready to address issues ranging from contractual rifts to disciplinary proceedings and challenges related to doping.

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