Dispute Resolution

Due to the ever-encompassing flair of globalisation, global and domestic markets grow and become intertwined, paving the way for not only fierce competition but also constantly evolving legal and regulatory frameworks. These crossovers of a myriad of challenges can pose threat to the rate of growth of organisations and result in heavy liabilities. Consequently, it becomes crucial to proactively avoid disputes and effectively address them.

We offer curated guidance on such matters and represent our clients in international litigation, cross-border arbitration and investigative proceedings. We provide a comprehensive array of services firmly rooted in the well-established expertise of our esteemed corporate commercial Dispute Resolution practice. 

Our legal professionals have extensive experience in arbitration and dispute resolution proceedings within both, courtrooms and arbitral tribunals. Additionally, they hold enviable proficiency in commercial litigation across various industries, including competition law and antitrust matters, white-collar crimes as well as restructuring and insolvency issues.

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